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Eric Schuettpelz

Eric Schuettpelz

Research Botanist & Assistant Curator

Phone: 202-633-0914
Fax: 202-786-2563
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Smithsonian Institution
PO Box 37012
Washington, DC 20013-7012

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National Museum of Natural History
West Loading Dock
10th and Constitution Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20560-0166

     Ph.D., Biology, Duke University, 2007
     M.S., Biological Sciences, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, 2001
     B.S., Biological Sciences, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, 1999

Areas of Specialty
     Fern systematics

Recent Publications - (All Publications)

Cochran, Alyssa, Prado, Jefferson and Schuettpelz, Eric 2014. Tryonia, a new taenitidoid fern genus segregated from Jamesonia and Eriosorus (Pteridaceae). Phytokeys, 35: 23-43. doi:10.3897/phytokeys.35.6886

Rothfels, Carl J. and Schuettpelz, Eric 2014. Accelerated Rate of Molecular Evolution for Vittarioid Ferns is Strong and Not Driven by Selection. Systematic Biology, 63(1): 31-54. doi:10.1093/sysbio/syt058

Schuettpelz, Eric, Davila, Alex, Prado, Jefferson, Hirai, Regina Y. and Yatskievych, George 2014. Molecular phylogenetic and morphological affinities of Adiantum senae (Pteridaceae). Taxon, 63(2): 258-264. doi:10.12705/632.7

Prado, Jefferson, Schuettpelz, Eric, Hirai, Regina Y. and Smith, Alan R. 2013. Pellaea flavescens, a Brazilian endemic, is a synonym of Old World Pellaea viridis. American Fern Journal, 103(1): 21-26. doi:10.1640/0002-8444-103.1.21

Rothfels, Carl J., Sundue, Michael A., Kuo, Li-Yaung, Larsson, Anders, Kato, Masahiro, Schuettpelz, Eric and Pryer, Kathleen M. 2012. A revised family-level classification for eupolypod II ferns (Polypodiidae: Polypodiales). Taxon, 61: 515-533.

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